Stephen Larrabee (II)

Stephen Larrabee ( Son of Stephen and Margaret), born circa  1652 and died 1 March  1718/1719.  

He married Isabel (Isabella) before 1694.

They had the following children:

1. Stephen Larrabee ( he is possibly the Stephen that married Margaret Pain, and has a will document dated 1737?)

2. William Larrabee ( Deacon)

3.  John Larrabee ( Captain?)  possibly born 1688?

4. Samuel Larrabee born circa 1690, died 27 Dec. 1730 in Lynn, Mass.

He married Sarah Breed, ( daughter of Timothy Breed and Sarah Newhallon 14 Jan 1717 in Lynn, Essex, Mass.

5. Abigail Larrabee ( Vital records of Malden, Mass. 1649-1849 – Births) b. circa 1694.

6. Benjamin Larabee ( born 11 Feb. 1696/1697

7. Ephriam

8. Margaret


Stephen Larrabee

Stephen Larrabee  in Casclo Bay, Maine on Jewell’s Island. It is unknown exactly where he and his brother , William*, came from. Actually, there is some who say they were relatives of some type, maybe cousins or uncle and nephew, their true relationship is yet to be discovered. They say he was married to a Margaret Mains ( daughter of John Mains and Elizabeth Lawrey.). He was killed in the Jewell’s Island Massacre during King Phillip’s War, along with his youngest son. He died Sept .5, 1676.

Their children Are listed as :

1.Stephen Larrabee , born in Portland, Maine circa 1652, died 1 March, 1718/1719

He married Isabel (Isabella) before 1694. They resided in North Yarmouth, Maine.

2.  William Larrabee,  born circa 1657 and died circa 1727.  York, Maine

He married  1. Joanna Millbury, 2. Mary Came 14 March 1699/1700, 3. Catherine Ford  14 March 1706

3.  John Larrabee  born between 1657 and 1660. Possibly married and had children. ( I saw posts from people claiming to be his descendants in a genealogy chat forum)

4. Thomas Larrabee, born 1660 died 19 April 1723. Scarborough, Maine

In 1683 he married Elizabeth Adams Rowe, born circaa 1664, died 1735, Scarborough, Maine.

5. Samuel Larrabee, born circa 1662 and died before 1701

he married Lydia Bliss 15 Nov.1695 who died before 9 March 1718 in Boston, Sulffolk. Mass.

6. Isaac Larrabee, born circa 1663 in North Yarmouth, Cumberland, Maine. Buried 10 May 1755 in Lynn, Essex, Mass.

He married Eleanor  circa 1690 and she was born circa 1663 in Salem, Essex, Mass,

7. Benjamin Larrabee, born circa 1666 in North Yarmouth, Cumbria, Maine, died before April 1733.

He married Deborah Ingersoll 1 Dec. 1686, she died after 2 Aug.1746.

8. Ephrim Larrabee,  born 1668, died in 1676 in the Jewell’s Island Massacre.

9. Jane (Jean) Larrabee, born circa 1670 , married William Asfield.

( notes from Dana E. Edgecomb copy 2005 Irish/f1975.htm)

* I found a listing for William in a record of King Phillip’s War that I found in Google books as a William Laraby.

Jasper Crane (Immigrant from England to America)

Jasper Crane was born prior to 1637 in England, which is the date he sailed to the Americas. ( see : for the pilgrim ship passenger list. He was said to be a surveyor and helped lay out the town of Newhaven Connecticut. ( He was one of the magistrates of the town along with Robert Treat, the father of Jasper‘s daughter- in- law ( Mary Treat Crane). There is extensive history written about him, but not necessarily accurate. I am just going to post the family information which I have from My great grandfather, Herbert D. Crane. He  exchanged information with Ellery Bicknel Crane ( I actually have the notes sent from Ellery) . He also worked it out with his Cousin Ella Gould and his sister Ida May Crane Blauvelt. There is also a photo copy of local West Caldwell written history by Herbert‘s Aunt , Julia Crane Potwin. ( I got the copies from my grandmother’s cousin, George W. Hedden, son of Herbert‘s  other sister Julia.). Jasper is said to be the son of a Josiah Crane of England, I do not have solid proof of that, either.

Jasper died in 1681.

He married Alice. Her name is not certain , I have not seen solid proof of her name. Many think it is “Leave“.  They had the following children:

1. John Crane, b.1635, d. 1694.

2. Hannah Crane, b. 1639, d.?

Married Thomas Huntington, son of Simon Huntington.

3. Deliverence ( Delivered) Crane , b. 1642, d. ?

4. Mary Crane, b. 1645, d.1671.

5. Micah Crane, b.1647, d. 1666.

6. Azariah Crane, b. 1649, d.1649.

7. Jasper Crane, Jr., b.1650,d. 1712.

He married Joanna Swaine.

this is a good written account of Jasper Crane:

Find a grave on Alice Leave, not sure of the accuracy as they only list two children for Jasper and Alice. But this could be a good place to check on her family.

Azariah Crane (Deacon)

Azariah Crane [ Jasper(1)]

Azariah Crane was born in 1649 to Jasper Crane and Alice(?) 

He married Mary Treat ( daughter of Governor Robert Treat and Jane Tapp).

Their children were:

1. Hannah Crane, b. 1677, d.1710.

She married John Plum, b. 1657, d.1710.

2. Nathaniel Crane, b.1680, d.1760.

Married Elizabeth ” Betsy” Gibson, b.1670, d.1760.

3. Azariah Crane , Jr., b. 1682, d.1760.

Married Rebecca Lampson, b.1691, d.1759.

4. Robert T. Crane, b. 1684, d.1755.

Married Phebe, b.1700,d. 1759.

5. Jane Crane, b.1686, d. 1755.

Married John Richards, b.1695, d. 1747/8.

6. Mary Crane, b. 1693, d.?

Married John Baldwin, b. 1695, d.5 September 1776.

7. John Crane, b.1695, d.1776

Married ( first), Abigail b 1700, d.1744. Married ( second) Rebecca(?)  after 1744 and before 1776.

8. Richard Crane, b. 1697, d. 1697.

9. Jasper Crane born and died in infancy, 1699.

For further information look at Ellery  Bicknel Crane‘s book, it is available on Google books There is a famous story about Deacon Azariah’s “Silver Bole” ( Bowl) which was given to him by his father Jasper. It is still at the church he gave it to. You can read more about it on Google. Also at these links: for Azariah Crane  for Mary Treat Crane

Nathaniel Crane

Nathaniel Crane [ Azariah (2), Jasper (1)]

Born in 1680 to Azariah Crane and Mary Treat Crane. Died in 1760

Married Elizabeth ” Betsy” Gibson, b.1670, d. 1760.

They had the following children:

1. William Crane, b. 1716, d.1784.

Married  ( first ) a Miss Wheeler  and second  Mary ? Or he married one woman named Mary Wheeler, unknown as of this time.

2. Noah Crane, b.1719, d.1800

Married Mary Baldwin , b.1724, d.1805

3. Nathaniel Crane, Jr. , Major, b.1719, unmarried. d.?

4. Elizabeth Crane , b.?, d.?

Married a Mr. Young.

5. Mehitable Crane ,b.?, d.?

Married Thomas Richards.

6. Jane Crane, b.?, d.?

Noah Crane

Noah Crane [ Nathaniel (3). Azariah (2) , Jasper (1)]

Noah Crane was born in 1719 to Nathaniel Crane and Elizabeth ” Betsy ” Gibson, and died in 1800.

In ? he married Mary Baldwin, b.1724, d.1805.

They had the following children:

1. Samuel Crane , b. 29 October 1747, d.28 Feburary 1811

Married Mary Baldwin

2. Esther Crane, b.1749, d.?

Married Joseph Baldwin.

3. Mary Crane, died in infancy.

4. Joseph Crane, b. 1751, d.1832

Married Hannah Simpson, b.1752, d.1831.

5.Elizabeth Crane, b.1753, d.1831

Married John R. Crane.

6. Caleb Crane, b. 1764, d. ?

7. Nathaniel Crane II, b. 1758, d.1833

8. Nehemiah Crane, b. 1755 ( maybe died in infancy with his twin , see #9, also a second Nehemiah # 10, gives me hint that this Nehemiah died  before 1773).

9. Stephen Crane b. 1755. ( see *8 above)

10. Nehemiah, b.1773, d.26 November 1852.

11. Mehitabel Crane, b 1764, d. 1843,

Married General Gould.

Zenas Crane~ Photos.

Zenas Crane and unknown Woman possibly his wife or Nathan Hedges wife? Not sure which Zenas this is. It can’t be Samuel’s son as he drowned when he was 29.


Possibly Abigail Grover Crane?

Possibly Abigail Grover Crane?

SCAN0017 Zenas Crane

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